Screen printing was one of the earliest methods of printing. It is a very durable and cost-effective method of branding clothing. It involves the passing of ink through a mesh screen that has been stretched onto a frame. It is used extensively in the promotional & safety industry to brand products such as t-shirts, golf shirts, overalls, bags and other corporate, industrial & promotional wear. We print with Plastisol, water-based and nylon inks. Water-based inks are better suited for cotton fabrics, while Plastisol is more versatile and can be used on either cotton or polyester. Nylon inks are used for nylon and polyester fabrics.

The Screen Printing Process

Your Logo
We will need to convert your logo into vector format. This is ideal for screen printing as the image is made from a series of mathematical curves, so your logo will print very crisply, even when resized. If you already have your logo in vector format it will reduce artwork costs.
An electronic proof will be emailed to you for approval before we go ahead with printing your job.

Pre Production
This is where we print your logo/artwork onto positives and expose the image under UV lights onto a light-sensitive coated screen.

Colour Matching Inks
Most colours can be achieved on both light and dark fabrics. We can either match your supplied Pantone reference, or your supplied physical sample. We also offer Metallic inks.

Our carousel screen printing machines are able to complete mass production very quickly. We are able to print up to 8 colours per design.

Turnaround Times
We usually work on a 5 working day turnaround, depending on the size of your order. Note, we do work around customers’ deadlines and will try to accommodate early delivery times where ever possible.