Screen Printing

Screen printing was one of the earliest methods of printing. It is a very durable and cost effective method of branding clothing. It involves the passing of ink through a mesh screen that has been stretched onto a frame. It is used extensively in the promotional & safety industry to brand products such as t-shirts, golf shirts, overalls, bags and other corporate, industrial & promotional wear.


By far the most durable and striking method of branding, embroidery is suitable for most items – from t-shirts, golf shirts jackets, sweater, fleeces, beanies and caps. We also offer 3D embroidery if preferred.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is the process of using a silicone rubber “pad” to transfer an image onto an object. It is especially useful as you can print onto almost anything, objects that are not flat or that have uneven surfaces. And most materials such as plastic, glass or metal. It is used quite extensively in the promotional industry to brand products such as pens, golf balls, key rings, glasses, coffee mugs, USB flash drives and so many other corporate promotional products.

Vinyl Printing

Heat transfers are done by using vinyl which is cad-cut and then pressed onto the garments using a heat press. It is especially useful for small runs, where it eliminates the setup costs of screen printing. Vinyl can be used on cotton or polyester fabrics.